Magnetic Nanoparticles for targeted MRI therapy

The proposed NanoTher technologies and devices have the ability to re-shape important sectors of biomedical industry, therefore strengthening Greek position in the global market with high added value products. The development of dynamic nanodevices for drug delivery constitutes a paradigm shift in the area of biomedical microdevices. These nanodevices have a competitive edge as diagnostic and drug delivery devices and therefore have the potential for a greater impact on industry, especially novel high added value products.

During the last decade, drug delivery applications and especially targeted delivery of anti-cancer drugs i.e. doxorubicin, cyclodextrin etc., has been under intense study, due to the high potential health impact that they present. In this context, a magnetically-navigated drug delivery system is developed, based on a nanocapsule which will consist of multi-wall carbon nanotubes as the main carrier component, magnetite nanoparticles for the navigation of the nanocapsule, an anti- cancer drug and fluorescent molecules for the visualization of the nanocapsule movement in a microfluidic channel. The magnetic force that can be developed on the nanoparticles by the two permanent magnets is sufficient for the gradual creation of rhabdoid aggregates in the direction of the homogeneous field. Additionally, the magnetic gradients introduced by the operation of the electromagnet are capable for directing the aggregates, as a whole, in the desired direction. With the removal of the magnetic fields, the aggregates are disrupted, due to the super paramagnetic nature of the nanoparticles, avoiding thus the formation of undesired thromboses. This work aims to highlight the advantages of magnetically-controlled drug delivery systems for cancer treatment.